The famous Birthday shirt. As worn by Dorkus.

“Was he wearing his special Birthday shirt?” —  Dorkus's mother's request about the death of her son

The Birthday Shirt is a special shirt gifted to Dorkus by his mother. It a blue long sleeve shirt, decorated with a dinosaur wearing a grey coat and with brown hair. It is one of the most famous items of Chaser lore.


Dorkus famously wore his birthday shirt while courageously protecting the wall. His brave contribution to protecting the wall, earned him the prestigious wall medal(bottlecap). Which was given to his grief stricken brother, who placed it on his grave and then promptly ran into the grave and got stuck in it.


The Birthday shirt was a shirt gifted to Dorkus by his mother on his birthday. It is simply a blue long sleeve shirt. It has a dinosaur wearing a grey coat, with brown hair, as a symbol on each side.



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