• JoWoodsParrot

    I don't know if you have heard the news but .

    So I know what you're thinking: whats going to happen to IG, Will they still make videos, Why are you in my house. And I will try my best to answer these questions except the last one.

    In short we are not really sure what will happen. The newest speculation is that they will be making a new channel with new gameplay, but again we just don't know at this point. For more news please follow all the IG memebers on Twitter: , , , , , https://twi…

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  • Castor96

    New Wiki Design

    September 2, 2014 by Castor96

    So I tried a new Wiki main design that's a bit lighter and brighter than the one before, I also added a cool fanart as a background.

    Tell me what you think and if I could add anything to make it better or if I should change it back again if you don't like it.

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  • JoWoodsParrot

    I wrote this that the wiki is coming along well. We still have a way to go but in due time it will become perfect and then maybe senpai Kovic will notice us. For reading this enjoy this nice photoshopped picture if Angelina Jolie

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  • Rye Son Of Rome

    As a wise man once said, "Kept you waiting huh?" Well no more! I've been busey lately, but now I'm sick so you know what that means?

    Free Ice Cream?

    No! The Wikia's going get kicked into high gear in the next few days. I'm talking, redesigns, reedits, all the stuff Jo Wood never did. So let's start shall we?

    The elephant in the room I"m sure... So let's get it out of the way

    I've created rules. Rules to help stop spam, dumb edits, pointless things, and just to help. You can read them here Rules

    These are just early ones so they may change/be redesigned. It's to help the wikia and everyone on it.

    Short and simple: This wiki needs more mods. I've been really busey the past week so the wiki has just be collecting dust.

    The newest mod (I'm sure he'll…

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