Dexter Topland

Dexter. The lost son of Jannis Topland.

“He is satan!” — Adam's theory of Dexter's origin.

Despite only appearing for a short while, Dexter Topland is one of the most important characters in Sims 3. The death of Dexter, the long dead son of Jannis Topland, caused Jannis to adopt Tunt, but also to fall into alcoholism, and subsequently neglect Tunt.


After buying a time machine in the Sims 3, going into it, Jannis brought back Dexter. At first a seemingly random sim, through James' keen deduction, it was discovered that he was actually Jannis's long dead son. James says his death is what inspired Jannis to adopt Tunt, but then the power went out and they lost their save.


Not much is known of Dexter. He was the son of Jannis Topland and an unknown father.


Dexter died while a child of unknown causes.

An Alternate Time LineEdit

In an alternate timeline, Jannis used a time machine to go back in time to save her son. She succeeded, but then a time portal appeared and dragged her, and Tunt, back in time. It is believed that Tunt in that timeline actually became president but it was short lived due to his assassination. In a strange twist of fate it was a combination of Dexter and Joel from Sims 4 that assassinated Tunt a record 28 times. Dexter and Joel were secretly hired by Munt to get revenge on Cunt because Munt's dad gave Cunt his inheritance instead of her, which is how he afforded all the fridges that decorated his apartment.


  • After getting Dexter from the past back to the future, Adam had trouble determining where Dexter came from or how he could even exist. After talking about very inaccurate and loose line of arguments and hints, Adam concluded that Dexter is Satan, or at least the Anti-Christ.

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