“Hey look it's Morky and Minty Moose” — The local police

Somewhere between a crack warehouse and a rape van there is Dorsney Lorn. Dorsney Lorn is the greatest place to find used tampons and dead bird carcasses. It is the eternal resting place of all your Dorsney favorites: Morky and Minty Moose, Gorfy the Goof, Dornald Dork, and Plunto.

Overview Edit


Beautiful Dorsney Lorn, or Jo Woods house, notice the mascot of Dorsney Lorn, Doosiy teh coow, welcoming this weeks victims for Morky and Minty Moose.

Dorsney Lorn is everybody's favorite Southern California theme park. Created by Worlt Dorsney in the early 20th century, it has since become the hottest destination for nightmarish children everywhere. When approaching such a destination guests are soon greeted by the legendary Morky and Minty Moose who's gaping smile and bloodshot eyes let the guests know, that they are in for a real treat. Upon further venturing into the park, guests may become introduced to Dornald Dork, the lovable, homeless, and suicidal crackhead duck who sits on a bench with his thermos full of ruffies offering such to any partaking guest. Scary? Yes. Deadly? Perhaps. But one thing is certain, a trip to Dorsney Lorn will guarantee a memorable, and maybe fatal, trip for the whole family.

Trivia Edit

  • Dorsney Lorn was created by an evil meth junkie named Worlt Dorsney.

Dorsney lorn's logo. Notice how Worlt Dorsney spelt his own name wrong when making it. Made by worldofjon

  • Jo Wood is a frequent visitor of Dorsney Lorn, even stating: "If this place had cinnamon sticks it would be like home."
  • Dornald's Juice is made up of 10% kool aid, 20% battery acid, 45% pcp, and 25% ruffies.

Origin Edit

Dorsney Lorn was created during the episode of Stream Roulette, DISNEY NIGHTMARE - Steam Roulette!. - Unedited


Dornald Dork right after he murdered a pigeon