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I will take care of James Bond.

The Gaytriot is a Russian gay man (Vladimir Putin) who has to stop anti-gayliens from destroying all gay people.

Origin Edit

The Gaytriot is the protagonist of the shitty Russian game Patriot. Inside Gaming decided to play this shit Ruskie creature. They decided the plot was about gay marriage, since Russia.

Background Edit

Gaytriot was just your regular Russian man who gets a hard-on from other mens weiners. He has to fight for his right to sodomy. But some Anti-Gaylien bastards have to stop his goal of legalizing gay marijuana in Russia. He uses his gayban sunglasses that let him see what straight people see, to find Anti-Gayliens (spoiler: it's everyone). In short Gaytriot is just someone who wants to live a normal homosexual life.

Episode List Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Gaytriot is a fan of the gayest football team ever: the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Gaytriot is a fan of the gayest baseball team ever: the St. Louis Cardinals.
  • Gaytriot is a fan of anal sex.