Unconfirmed picture of Godewyn and Boogie

Godewyn is a notorious fan of Inside Gaming and world-famous player of GTA V.

Background Edit

Godewyn was born in the hills of Kentucky. She was born to a poor hillbilly family. Godewyn grew up in a home with very little amenities, so she didn't even have dental insurance. She had nothing in life, not even a family because she had to kill them and eat them for nourishment. Afterwards she was all by herself, she became feral after a while. She was adopted by a harras of horses. At this point, her love for horses emerged. One day when she was scavenging in the forest looking for a clearing to graze, she stumbled upon a horse farm. The elderly lady who owned it tried to get young Godewyn to talk to her but found that Godewyn was feral. After months of trying, Godewyn finally trusted the old lady. The old lady took her in as her own and raised her to be a proper lady. This lead to Godewyn inheriting the horse farm, when the old lady died of rickets or some other old person disease. This is when a sad and distraught Godewyn bought GTA V, to cheer her up. By a pure stroke of luck, Godewyn's character met Cunce. This was when Godewyn became a fan of Inside Gaming, and her life has never been the same again.

Role at Inside Gaming Edit


"...And then Bruce thought he had beaten me. Lawls"

Godewyn manages the official Inside Gaming Horse Stable. She raised Boogie and Boogie 2:Electric Boogieloo, and their respective children. She is also a fan of Inside Gaming, probably maybe.

Trivia Edit

  • Godewyn loves horses, not that way perverts.
  • Horses love Godewyn back, not that way perverts.
  • Godewyn is one of the few confirmed female fans of Inside Gaming, the rest are either old men or sick pervs, who masturbate to pictures of Bruce's beard.