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"U wot m8, swear on me mum u r 1 cheeky cunt" -HoodedBob

HoodedBob is a moderator of the Inside Gaming reddit and fan of Inside Gaming. He is known for his hoodedness, dry humor and excellent grammar.

Background Edit

HoodedBob was born in Scotland, I think, or somewhere of the such. He was born into a rich aristocratic family. Everything was given to him, even his intelligence. At the age of seven he became Hollywood's most famous plastic surgeon. But there was something most queer about him, he always wore a hooded sweatshirt. After a while he became tired of his lifestyle and joined up with the foreign legion. During his service he joined forces with a cat named Dylan and the chief inspector of the shanghai police force to take down the crime syndicate ruling over the city of Maiduguri. He later retired, marrying Cambodia's number one cheese roller, and settling in a cottage on the lake Balqash. To this day Hoodedbob trains for the World Kaninhop Championships with his partner Krocodil Scut.

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Trivia Edit

  • HoodedBob has never taken off his hooded sweatshirt, NEVER
  • Many speculate that HoodedBob is an assassin because of his hood, but he isn't.
  • Hoodedbob has a YouTube channel:
  • For a brief period in his youth, Hoodedbob spread the word of Allah to Malaysian children in Thailand.
  • HoodedBob once punched a baby.
  • HoodedBob once met Bob Dylan and respectfully punched him in his hippy dick.
  • He is a traitor to the IG community for attempting to sue IG with the Metalicats.