“What have I done...” — Jannis contemplating on her life.

Jannis' dog after learning it has to live with Jannis

Jannis Topland is Tunt's adoptive mother. Originally mother to Dexter Topland, Jannis adopted Tunt after her son's untimely death. After her son's death Jannis slumped into alcoholism and pet hoarding. While she attempts to be a good mother, she is mainly neglectful to Tunt, but Tunt still loves her.


Jannis was created solely to be a keeper of Tunt. She is a premade sim that can be found in the Sim bin. She also ran the basement with all the hostages. Many think it was Tunt but it was actually Jannis, she hates people after her son died.


Jannis is a kinda attractive middle aged woman. She has red hair and thats really all, she just kinda looks depressed all the time. She usually wears a green shirt with blue pants. When she goes to sleep she changes to a nightgown with a sleeping mask. When she works she wears army fatigues since she is in the army or whatever.


Born to three English immigrants, in 1977, Jannis was first originally named Alice Springs Can't Miss Everclean Topland, the named was soon changed after it was deemed ridiculous. All three of Jannis' mothers worked in the meat packing district of New York, on 26 hour shifts leaving the young Jannis with only a pack of rats and an empty bottle of cheap vodka to play with before she began school at the age of 10.


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