MrHairspary or J0ll3L is a long time fan of Inside Gaming. He is the creator of the famous president image with tunt.

Background Edit


That's President Tunt to you fuckface

MrHairspary lived a normal life. He was born on a farm in the year 1934 during the Great Depression. His parents were both alcoholics and lost the family farm. They then went on to become the famous bank robbing couple Bonnie and Clyde, they died the same year he was born.

Now orphaned, a 5 month old MrHairspary had to fend for himself. He moved to Hollywoodland with just a dream in his heart and a diaper on his ass. He found work on the talking pictures that were all the rage back then. At the age of two, he became the youngest person to win an Oscar for Best Actor. But this all came at a price: he became an alcoholic, just like his parents before him.

His life unraveled around him. Before he knew it, he had to give BJ's to studio executives just for a background part. He lost his millions he had earned and at the age of seven became homeless yet again. His life turned around when he was twelve and saw the influx of soldiers returning from WWII, he decided to get clean for the children. He became sober for the first time in over six years at the age of 14. He has been sober ever since.

His life since then has been drab and boring until one day when he was perusing the interwebs at the age of 78. He discovered Inside Gaming and his life changed since then. He decided to make fan art about one of the most famous characters of IG, Tunt. He worked and worked but couldn't come up with anything. One day, when he was receiving a prostate exam he got the Eureka moment. He found the design and made it and it is one of the most famous pieces of IG fanart. It was so gud that Adam jizzed himself upon seeing it and decided to put it on a t-shirt.

Description Edit

MrHairspary is an old old man, who spends most of his time telling young hooligans to GET OFF OF HIS DAMN LAWN. SWEAR TO GOD I SEE YOU ON MY LAWN AGAIN I'LL CALL THE CONSTABLE ON YOU (though children have no fu**ing idea what a constable is). He is a recovering alcoholic. He also likes sitting on benches in parks and feeding pigeons. He hates young rambunctious children, always trying to engage in fisticuffs with him over him only driving 10 miles per hour on the freeway.

Trivia Edit

  • MrHairspary loves going to sunday brunch as early as possible and early bird specials altogether
  • MrHairspary remembers when gas was only a penny.
  • MrHairspary gets weekly prostate exams.
  • MrHairspary is a frequent viewer of Fox News.
  • MrHairspary is confirmed to be the oldest living, frequent reddit user.