Tom Thrusterman

Tom "The Malfunction" Thrusterman.

“WHAT BUTTON LOWERS ME?!?” — Among Tom Thrusterman's the last known words

If there exists any true hero, it's Tom Thrusterman. Tom was chosen among the Martian prison guards on mars to participate in a special project, where he was to pilot a new flying suit to defend his post. Unfortunately, he has no control of the suit, and can only fly aimlessly through the mars prison. Given no training to operate the suit (if operation is possible at all), he is known for unceasingly firing his weapons through out the prison, screaming in terror.


Tom Thrusterman was as an enemy identified on a Chaser stream. His flight path was simply bound to rails, and his attempts to attack Chaser posed no real threat for being unable to aim his weapons. Tom flew forward into the Martian sky and forever disappeared. James suggested that this guard participated in a special project to be in the suit, but had no control over it. Thus, Tom Thrusterman was born.


Tom was once a normal guard on a Mars prison, but that all changed when he was approached to participate in a special program. As a result, he was grafted into a prototype mechanical suit. The Martian prison expected Tom to be among the most effective guards stationed, though it was soon apparent that the suit's abilities were less than anticipated. Because Tom had no control whatsoever within the suit, he felt trapped within it and was completely terrified of being inside it.

Though Chaser put Tom out of his misery almost immediately after confronting him during Chaser's escape, the suit's inherent ability to amplify the pain felt by its pilot made the short, agony-filled moment last for what felt like lifetimes to Tom. However, Bruce wanted to see what the goal was of Tom and/or the suit, and Tom was unkilled as a result of a quickload. After discharging a few rounds towards Chaser, the suit maintained a jagged path away from the fight, and vanished into the skyline to never be seen again, firing continuously in front of himself. The life-support systems of the suit are highly advanced, so it is very possible that Tom continues to panic and beg Chaser for the sweet release of death to this day.



  • Some of Tom Thrusterman's most famous quotes:
    • "RRRROWWW I feel every bullet! The suit just makes me hyper-aware of the pain!"
  • After Tom went missing during his initial deployment, the program was seen as a huge success. More suits were manufactured, often suits are seen flying around the Mars prison in large numbers and occasionally crashing and exploding.

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