Hup Hup

“She's dying but goddamn he's good on that bike” — Bruce

Trick Ranger is the coolest park ranger around. He has all the tricks to save little boys and lost deer.

Origins Edit

Adam, Bruce, and James first encountered Trick Ranger while playing the game Recovery, Search, & Rescue Simulator. His first and only appearance is in the video: ALL SIMULATORS SUCK! Woodcutter and Search & Rescue Who Cares Gameplay!

Description Edit

Trick Ranger is a middle-aged man who lives in a cabin in the woods all by himself. He spends most of his time sitting in a chair in his room and staring at his bed, wishing he had a book. His job entails riding a bike around a park and trying to help people, but he only helps little boys and deer he mistakes for women in the forest. Trick Ranger is mostly kept as a forest ranger as a joke, he doesn't actually get paid or even has a uniform he's just there.

Trivia Edit