“He made it!” — Bruce's euphoria after Adam successfully trapped Zachary in Cunt's apartment
Headshot largeZachMills

Zachary, Cunt's only real friend.

Zachary Mills is Cunt's very first acquaintance appearing from episode one onwards. He was invited to Cunt's very first party in which Zachary was the only guest. Since then he attended several of Cunt's party's, many of which were pool parties in his apartment.

Origin Edit

A young boy who lives in the city of Bridgeport and happened to meet Cunt during his paper-round.

Description Edit

Very little is known about him other than that he and Cunt share a bond. They may even be lesbian lovers.

Life Edit

All we know is that he grows from a young boy into a teenager shortly before episode five of the Cunt Life. Since Cunt's death there has been no such contact between Zachary and Tunt.

Trivia Edit

  • The first minor character in the Sims 3 Gameplay saga.
  • There is a theory that Zachary was Jannis' son, who Cunt secretly murdered and Jannis adopted and takes care of Tunt to fill the void of Zachary in her life but she hates Tunt because he reminds her of her sons murderer.

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